P90X2 – X2 Base + Back Review

P90X2 Base + Back Review

Base + Back = Plyo and Pull-ups!  Fantastic workout.  I was expecting base to be like P90X legs, lunges and stuff like that.  But not here, P90X2 kicks that up a notch and brings in another round of plyo.  It’s not as intense as Plyocide because your alternating back and forth between plyometric moves and pull-ups.  Base + Back isn’t too difficult, although you’re working your two biggest muscle groups for 55 minutes, so it does hit you pretty hard.

P90X2 Base + Back Tools

P90X2 Base + Back Warmup

Stability Ball
  • Twist – A simple move but it does get the heart pumping. Hold the stability ball directly out in front of you and rotate right and left keeping your head and eyes pointing forward.
  • Squat – Just like it sounds, but at you squat down you raise the ball above your head.
  • Side Stretch – Sort of like the straight-arm stretch however you are using the weight of the ball to go right and left, bending over as far as you can to each side.
  • Alternate Back Lunge – As you lunge alternating your right and left leg, you lift the stability ball up above your head with your arms straight.
  • Atlas – Like in P90X Core Synergistics, you’re picking up the ball from your left side and extending it up into the air on the right side like your setting it on a shelf. Switch sides and you’re done.
Foam Rolling

The RumbleRoller is amazing.  You can definitely hit the pause button to get those tight spots, focus on your upper body since that’s what you’ll be working.  In X2 Base + Back this, again, is a real rush.  To get the full benefits of the RumbleRoller you will need to slow down and extend this workout.

Roller Angel – You finish off stretching with the roller angel. This is where you lay on the RumbleRoller with it pointing directly up your spine. You relax and pretend like you’re making a snow angel with your arms bringing them up and down parallel to the floor.

Roller Sphinx – You put your forearms on the RumbleRoller and get into plank. For the first time, I realize what plank really is! Tilt your pelvis and push your heels to the floor. Hold the position for about 40 seconds. I started shaking a bit after about 30 but was able to finish just fine.

Additional Stretching/Mobility

Scorpion – This one is really hard to explain so you’ll have to see it for the first time but here goes nothing!  Laying flat on your stomach with your arms extended out to the side you bend your right leg to a 90 degree, lift your knee off the ground, and then rotate that bent leg over to your left.  It’s not necessarily a back stretch but does get your glute and leg.

The Worlds Greatest Stretch – Get into runners lung with your left leg back and both of your hands on the instep of your right foot. Extend the left arm up, bring it back down, extend the right arm twisting the opposite direction. Just like right angle pose in yoga. You alternate between right leg and left leg back. This stretch is also prevalent in Insanity.

Inch Worm – Just like it sounds. From a standing straight position you do a forward bend and then crawl your hands away from you to the plank position. Hold plank for a second or two and then begin tiptoeing your feet into your hands. Rinse and repeat for a total of 8 times.

Groiners – From a left leg lunge (both hands on the instep of your right foot) you alternate jump lunges going back and forth between your right and left legs keeping your hands in the same spot.

Leg Swing – Just like Recovery + Mobility, you swing each leg forward and sideways using your foam roller to stabilize.

Scapular Retraction – A hard one to explain, but use your bands with hook or pull-up bar. Hang straight arms and then contract your scapula, basically bringing your chicken wings together in the back. This should raise you up just a couple of inches.


P90X2 Base + Back Workout

You do two rounds of 10 exercises (alternating between pull-ups and plyometric moves) with a break between round. Nothing complex, nothing off-balance, just a pure workout.  The best of both worlds.

No Kip Pull-Up – Maximum rep pull-ups.  No kip = no cheating.  It’s a little harder when you’re not kicking your legs to get to the top!

Plyo Frog Squat – Get into an open wide leg stance, hands on the floor.  Jump up bringing your hands high over your head.  The goal here is not to jump really high like Michael Jordan, it’s to keep tension on those squatted legs.

Wide Leg Close Grip Chin-Up – Reverse grip, legs spread wide, maximum reps.

Chair Jump – Think X2 Yoga Chair position, now start running in place (like football drills), on Tony’s command jump like Michael Jordan brining your hands down to explode.  Repeat over and over.

Chin Pull – 2 chin-ups, come down. 2 pull-ups.  Maximum reps.


Plyo Lunge Press (Weights) – Just like Mary Katherine’s, except on the upward explosion you have a set of dumbells in your hands and do a shoulder press.  These will kill you, serious…

V Pull-Up – These are cool, never done them before.  From wide grip pull-up position, pull-up and bring your chin to your right hand, back down.  Now do another pull-up and bring your chin to your left hand.  You’re basically working your right and left lat independently.

Surfer Spin – Yee-Haw!  You’ve done these before in Plyocide.  Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up, but no getting down… unless of course you get dizzy.

Kippy Cross Fugly Pull – I would say this is the most awesome exercise name ever invented.  You’re doing pull-ups but your going for huge reps doing anything you can to get up.  Use your legs, use body english, just go fast.

Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tuck – Another twist on your standard P90X jump, knee, tucks.  This time, you start with your hands on the ground and jump up, knees to hands, and go back down to touch the ground.  Full range of motion!  25 reps and you’re dead.

Cool Down

A whole bunch of stretches using the stability ball hitting your legs, arms, back, etc.

As always, I’m starting challenge groups about twice a month and they’ve been filling up quickly.  If you’re interested in joining my P90X2 challenges get your challenge pack at http://www.extremefitchallenge.com!

Enjoy life!



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